Improve inch-loss results and smooth uneven skin texture by removing beauty-robbing toxins from your system with M’lis CELL-U-RID. This herbal remedy acts as a natural diuretic that helps eliminate trapped waste and water, and reduces cellulite by encouraging healthy circulation.



Juniper Berries: Helps decrease inflammation and combat bacteria and virus growth.

Buchu Leaves: Cleanses the urinary tract, helping to prevent infection.

Corn Silk: Prevents kidney inflammation, and aids with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Hydrangea Root: Relieves urinary tract infection.

Horsetail Herb: Reduce bacteria in the urine, reducing inflammation and irritation in the tissue.

Kelp: Improves thyroid gland health, boosting energy and metabolism levels.  Good source of vital nutrients. Known for its anti-inflammatory and natural diuretic properties.


90 count (V-caps)


M'lis Cell-U-Rid - Tissue Detoxifier


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