Formulated with cell-protecting and disease-preventing Astaxanthin, Vital is rich in antioxidants to protect against the negative effects of aging, especially in the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Helps to fight free radical damage and aids the body to utilize beauty-enhancing vitamins.



Health, immune, and energy-boosting super antioxidant that protects against UV light effects and oxidation of fatty acids



Vitamin C- Enhances the body’s resistance to short and long-term disease

Gingko Biloba-  Promotes anxiety reduction by protecting the central nervous system. Aids in preventing the negative effects of aging both inside and outside the body.

Green Tea Extract- Helps fight against Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease with anti-carcinogenic polyphenols and EGCG


90 Count v-caps

M'lis Vital - Antioxidant w/ Astaxanthin


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