Katia's Story 

Katia was born and raised in Krasnodar, a small town in Russia. She started her entrepreneur career at the tender age of 10, helping her parents to run their small business from home.

Life in Russia was very different from life in the United States-- for one, there was always limited amounts of food. Katia remembers going to the store and seeing only a few groceries for sale, mainly bread, sugar, milk, sour cream and sometimes meat. There were also a limited about of clothes. She had one pair of sandals for 3 years: the first year, they were a little big, second year just right, and the third, the sandals would turn into flip flops because they were too small, with the back of them having to be cut off.

In 1996, Katia met her husband, Val, and they got married in 1997. They had their first daughter, Anya, in 1999. Shortly after Anya was born, Val left the country in pursuit of a lucrative position as a performer for Cirque du Soleil. Katia was then left to take care of Anya by herself.

Six months after her husband left the country,  she finally got the opportunity to go see him in Montreal. He got the job with Cirque du Soleil! Katia, Anya and Val moved to Las Vegas, with Val working for Mystere at that time. This is how their journey in the United States started.

Val ended up signing many other contracts with Cirque, but Katia could not work during this time because she did not have working permit that allowed her to work in the United States. For 4 years, she travelled with her husband, taking care of her daughter, dreaming that one day she would have a career of her own.

Finally, the Simonenko family got Green Cards after 4 years of waiting. Katia decided to go to aesthetic school immediately, for it had been her dream to be in the beauty industry since she was 15. Katia had a Masters degree in music, but never really enjoyed it, so this was her opportunity to finally hone in on her passion.

Before opening Pearl Skin Studio, Katia had to work hard and get experience by working under somebody else, meanwhile taking a plethora of classes to perfect her skill. She was very proud of her achievements when she became the head aesthetician at JW Marriott after many years, and she took pride in every moment of her job!

Pearl Skin Studio was opened in 2009, which entailed a small room within a local day spa. With each passing year, both Katia and her business grew, making her business better and perfecting and polishing her skill to provide the best for her customers.

Pearl Skin Studio is now a full service salon and includes: face and body treatments, massage, hair, nails,  and permanent make up services. Katia's goal is to provide the best services and education for her customers. She wants to share her knowledge and experience with every woman and man who walks through the door.

Katia and Val have been happily married for 20 years, and they now have two gorgeous daughters, Anya and Alina. Being a woman, a wife, and a businessperson, Katia understands how challenging it can be to juggle everything and how easy it can be forget about your own well-being. So here’s Katia’s takeaway: Take care of yourself! You want to be healthy, beautiful and happy for you and your family, you deserve it!

FOREVER YOUNG with Pearl Skin Studio!